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A timeless design with these sunglasses that aviator inspired by a famous brand. A look at the top for this summer vacation on the beaches of fine sand. A score of different models for these glasses-aviator-price wholesaler for professionals in the trade. Different types of glass, or transparent mirrors. Mounts in silver or black. Colours and reflections...

A beautiful umbrella for man, with wooden handle, stylish and strong at the same time. Automatic opening. Dimensions of 82.5 x 97cm.

A compact umbrella to carry around with you on rainy days. The umbrellas display a message that is original "I am...". Available in 6 different colors (yellow, red, blue, orange, green, black), mix in each order. Minimum order of 6 pieces. Dimensions: 84x51cm

The perfect bag for little girls who want to have a purse like mommy. A very nice little canvas bag in three different colors: pink, blue, and purple. We can discover a fairy (like tinkerbell) embroidered on the front of the bag with his magic wand and stars.

Umbrella original, light and handy, with two colors, that fits in a small bottle. 4 colors available: black/blue, black/pink, black/green, black/orange. Dimensions: 95x60cm.

Beach towel original brand lacost which represents a tennis court. Ideal to transform her beach towel in a playground. Available at prices wholesaler from 10pièces.

A beautiful keychain that will be all the rage ! A big ball of hair with little bunny ears are too cute. Available in many colours, we do a mix in each order. Available from 10 pieces.

A beautiful umbrella for children with princesses accompanied by their pets. A lot of pink on this umbrella for girl. Its diameter is about 38 inches once unfolded.

Series of umbrellas for children with larger licenses. Find the stars of the cartoon Cars, the snow queen, the disney princesses, the Avengers and minnie mouse. Mix of models in each command. The umbrella is perfect to take his favorite characters during the rainy days.

A range of 4 models of umbrellas decorated with a very nice quote or a nice sentence. Mix of models in each command. Color: Black and white. Dimensions: 81x98cm.

Umbrella photobooth transparent to a child. A useful accessory, and fun for the children, in fact they can have fun taking pictures with this umbrella. Dimensions: 65x62cm

A very beautiful umbrella cane transparent with a humorous message. The mode is really to umbrellas transparent, proposez6le in the shop. We offer a range of 4 umbrellas with different messages in color. A design idea which will make your sales take off. Dimensions 73x94cm.

Umbrella retractable 97cm in diameter. Available in 6 colors mixed in each order: pink, grey, blue, red, purple and black. Each umbrella comes with its cover of protection. A large umbrella with a small footprint when folded, perfect for travel anywhere with either.

A very beautiful umbrella, cane style, retro chic. One look definitely feminine for this collection of 4 umbrellas. The polka dots and stripes are waiting for you to protect you from the rain. Minimum of 4 pieces per order. Size: 100x85cm.

The style of the 80's / 90's that was back in force for the past two years, the round sunglasses type retro. These glasses have undergone a little makeover by offering mirror effects glasses. Different styles and colors to always be in trend and at the forefront of fashion. We offer a tariff wholesale from 10 pieces per order. Assortment of models in...

A beautiful umbrella cloche for women with a small touch of originality. This umbrella transparent is the design of a bird cage with a cute little blue bird inside. Available soon with prices wholesaler for professionals.

Bandana 100% cotton available in many colours: red, black, blue, grey, orange, yellow, green... This bandana is square-shaped and of a size of 54x54 inches. This fashion accessory remains a timeless. It can be worn on the head, around the neck... This bandana fancy color is available-price wholesaler, one size in mix of colors or selecting a color from...

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