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All of the accessories for smokers: Lighters, sheets, tubes, tubeuses, filters, box of cigarettes, ashtray and ashtray pocket. The majority of our products are sold in display (display) in order to be able to implement them in any business on a counter or on a shelf. The best accessories to smokers to price a wholesaler supplier to the professionals.

Rolling Machine tobacco at the best price. Sold in display of 12 pieces. Ideal for attracting smokers of roll your own tobacco in your trade, this display can be placed anywhere in a shop.

Box cigarette volkswagen that can accommodate up to 16 cigarettes. A slim case and lightweight that can be stored in the pocket. Each display stand has 8 parts. Perfect for small smokers.

Lot of 50 lighters electronic of the trademark Prof. Quality products with an original design. Display built to land directly on the counter of your shop.

Box display-50 packages leaves OCB slim premium. Each booklet contains 32 leaves to roll. A roll paper of high quality with the leading brand in France, OCB. Consumers do not make a mistake not asking for specifically this reference.

Check out our display of gas lighters first prize. Lighters stone in lot of 50pcs for a price defying any competition. Wholesale price from 1 display. These lighters are good quality and are delivered in 5 colors, 10 per color.

Lot of 50 lighters with electronic decoration mustache. Moustaches are back in fashion, you should take advantage of. This display will be perfect on a counter or a shelf, sales are guaranteed !

A beautiful death's head, decorated on each of these very fine lighters, electronic. Full of colors, patterns, and shapes. Lot of 50 pieces with display stand for counter.

Display of 12 ashtrays pocket jeans (tissue effect john on the top of the ashtray). Not to throw his cigarette butts all over the street, this accessory is indispensable.

Lot of 50 lighters for stone of colors. Colors may vary depending on the seasonal market. There's nothing better to bring a can of color in his day that a beautiful lighter brand new. Offer this lighter to your customers at an unbeatable price ! Multiply your profit margins with a lighter really cheap.

Ashtray pocket all-metal in its display of 12 pieces. Every smoker should have one in his pocket to avoid pollution of the soil. Offer to your clients and multiply your sales.

Display of 6 ashtrays push-button valve. Ideal for the home and avoid the bad smells in the room. An ashtray is always useful to a smoker and makes the perfect gift.

Lighter license volkswagen on the theme flower power. Indeed, on this electronic lighter the flowers are in the spotlight. They are associated with legendary cars of the famous brand of German car.

The brand playboy offers you this beautiful pack of cigarettes with the little rabbits that characterize the license. Each box can contain 12 cigarettes, and the finesse of the box can fit easily in the pocket. A gift for smoking without any mistake. Each carton contains 8 boxes.

Ashtray playboy push-button latch with a nice decor. The rabbits of the mark are colored in pink and black, one for men and one for women. An ashtray is perfect for the house or the terrace.

A lot of 50 lighters electronic illustrated with dogs too funny ! Hats, surfboards, feathers, indian, mask and tuba... a perfect design for the summer.

Lot of 50 lighters with electronic animals more droles each other. A lighter quality, with a look that's fun and colorful.

Lot of 6 ashtrays push button with valve in assorted colors. Each lot is sold in a nice display to put the ashtrays for smokers in the value.

Tubeuse a cigarette allowing you to easily populate the tubes of tobacco. Sold in lot of 12 coins in a nice display. A very low prices for big margins on this product.

Lot of 50 lighters electronic with a pattern of small leaves of the cannabis plant. A lighter is ideal for this kind of smokers who are very numerous. Delivered in a display.

Lot of 50 lighters electronic display ready to put on the counter. A design that is too cute with beautiful kitten and phrases in English. Blow of heart assured !

Lot of 50 lighters electronic decorated with mini skulls in a display shelf. Nice colors for these lighters with a stylish design, there are cranes everywhere now.

Lot of 6 ashtrays in metal assorted decorations retro. A beautiful ashtray in vintage look in the living room with images of the old school. You will receive in each lot an ash tray of each model.

Beautiful set of ashtrays-glass with a decoration of a death's head colourful and modern. A thick glass quality. The ashtray measure 8cm in diameter and 4cm in height. Supplied in display box of 6 pieces assorted.

The famous lighter brand Bic in its mini version. A small lighter to carry it around in his pocket or in his cigarette pack. The best lighter on the market, a timeless. Display of 50 bic lighters mini at wholesale price from a pack.

The famous Bic lighter in the maxi version. Lot of 50 pieces with his display shelf. Assorted colors, 5-fold 10. Colors depending on arrivals.

Book of the leaves roll ultra fine King Size of the RAW brand. A roll paper quality and large format for the smokers. Box of 50 booklets of 32 leaves.

Ashtray metal vintage look with registration Bistro, break authentic, the selection. Lot of 10 pieces minimum. Two models in the mix, black and silver. 13.5 cm diameter and 1.7 cm height.

Lot of 50 lighters transparent at an unbeatable price ! 4.9 euros, excluding vat, the lot. Gas lighters of large capacity ignition with stone. Good price / quality ratio.

Display of 50 lighters electronic with a very beautiful decoration of neon lights and bars. A look original colors. Different designs in each display.

Display of 50 lighters electronic with look very classy. The lighters are decorated with a tuxedo and a bow tie. Elegance is waiting for you. Different designs in each display.

Display of 50 lighters-mail with a look and feel very sexy. A very beautiful woman or a man in a skinny jeans. Different designs in each display.

Display of 50 lighters gas disposable in different colors with barcode. A classic look with these colors, transparent crystal. 10x5 colors in each display.

Display of 50 lighters with electronic tuning. Lighters with stunning sports cars to look colorful and sporty. Fans of fast and furious will love the Different patterns in each display.

Display of 50 lighters colors that can be used as décapsuleurs. A lighter great for open cans of soda or beer for example. Plastic for the lighter and metal for the bottle opener. Different colors in each display.

Lot of 12 grinders in plastic in a nice display ideal for the counter of your shop. Each display contains several transparent colors. A grinder is effective and not expensive for all the shops.

Lot of 10 lighters with transparent color gas in bulk at a low price. Each lighter includes a bar code. Mix of colors in each order. See our selection of lighters wholesale for business: Stone, electronic, petroleum, etc.

Lot of 50 lighters electronic brand Prof licensed playboy with photos of pinup. Quality products with an original design. Display built to land directly on the counter of your shop.

Lot of 50 lighters electronic brand Prof licensed playboy. The ideal look for the poker players. Quality products with an original design. Display built to land directly on the counter of your shop.

Lot of 50 lighters electronic brand Prof with bubbles of colors for grounds. Quality products with an original design. Display built to land directly on the counter of your shop.

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