Wide range of ashtrays, the perfect gift for a smoker. Ashtray, metal, glass, push-button latch, ashtray on foot... all the references to the best prices are on your supplier articles and accessories for smokers.

Select the ash trays in the unit or in the display depending on models and availability.

Ashtray playboy push-button latch with a nice decor. The rabbits of the mark are colored in pink and black, one for men and one for women. An ashtray is perfect for the house or the terrace.

Display of 6 ashtrays push-button valve. Ideal for the home and avoid the bad smells in the room. An ashtray is always useful to a smoker and makes the perfect gift.

Display of 12 ashtrays pocket jeans (tissue effect john on the top of the ashtray). Not to throw his cigarette butts all over the street, this accessory is indispensable.

Ashtray pocket all-metal in its display of 12 pieces. Every smoker should have one in his pocket to avoid pollution of the soil. Offer to your clients and multiply your sales.

Lot of 6 ashtrays push button with valve in assorted colors. Each lot is sold in a nice display to put the ashtrays for smokers in the value.

Lot of 6 ashtrays in metal assorted decorations retro. A beautiful ashtray in vintage look in the living room with images of the old school. You will receive in each lot an ash tray of each model.

Beautiful set of ashtrays-glass with a decoration of a death's head colourful and modern. A thick glass quality. The ashtray measure 8cm in diameter and 4cm in height. Supplied in display box of 6 pieces assorted.

Ashtray metal vintage look with registration Bistro, break authentic, the selection. Lot of 10 pieces minimum. Two models in the mix, black and silver. 13.5 cm diameter and 1.7 cm height.

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