Santa hat offers a selection of hats to Christmas to celebrate the holidays of end of the year. Perfect to complete a costume of father christmas, for an evening disguised or for new year's eve. We offer various models at different prices and different qualities. There's something for all budgets.

For orders above the quantities available on the site, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will adjust the price.

The article by excellence of the year-end holidays, the hat of father Christmas ! A product that can be sold anywhere, store, costume, Bazaar, markets... This santa hat is available at a very good price to allow you to multiply your profit margins. With its colours, the red and the white, we find here the colors of this party and the emblem of this...

The bonnet of father christmas with bright stars on the edge of the bonnet. A accessories necessary to celebrate Christmas as it should be. A small push button allows you to establish the bright stars. A santa hat with a prize wholesaler very bottom, what does the success of your sales to the end of the year. Batteries included.

A santa hat of very good quality burgundy color. Beautiful patterned sequins decorate the bonnet.

A santa hat of very good quality color red. Beautiful patterned sequins decorate the bonnet.

A very beautiful bonnet to noel, very funny. It has two pom poms and two bells, which lets you make noise when you move the head.

A very nice santa hat for child. There is no reason, children also can dress up as father Christmas during the year end holidays. A beautiful beanie in the colours of Christmas, red and white. Sold in pack of 10 pieces minimum.

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