Necklace pendant heart stone

A beautiful necklace fancy representing the symbol of love. A very beautiful heart-shaped stone of multiple colors. The pendant silver is accompanied by its chain attached.

Mixture of colors in each order. Minimum of 10 pieces per order. Individual packing.

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Unit price HT. Our selection of costume jewelry in wholesale is available at a low price for all the pros.

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This is a beautiful assortment of necklaces, silver with a coloured stone. We have about 15 different models in stock, more than the pictures. We send a mix of colors in each order. Minimum order quantity wholesaler of 10 pieces for this very pretty necklace stone. Necklace for women.

A very beautiful silver necklace with a beautiful pendant in the shape of a heart. The heart, symbol of love. A gift for all occasions. We offer this magnificent necklace price wholesale from 10 pieces. The price includes chain, silver, pendant made of natural stone and a sachet cardboard/plastic that can be attached on a display. Assortment of colors and...

A very pretty necklace consisting of a chain of 45 cm and a pendant in the shape of a heart. A superb gem for the lovers or for the women who wants to have fun with this little gem fantasy. Pretty, small, shiny are located on one side of the heart and a big is placed in the center. The symbol of love to wear every day of one's self. Available with white...

This is a very pretty adornment for women who love animals. This adornment includes a pair of earrings and a necklace + pendant assorted. You can find a lot of animals: Turtle, horse, sea star, crab, dolphin, elephant... and many others. The available models are visible on the photos products. Available in gold or silver. Mix of patterns and colors in...

A beautiful adornment that highlights the theme of love with very beautiful hearts. The set includes a pair of earrings, a chain and its pendant. Available in two colors: Gold or silver. These jewels are adorned with small shiny stones. Back to our category wholesaler of costume jewelry to meet all of our models. A jewelry set out for all occasions.

Reproduction of the chain worn by Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious movies. A product that is not official. In this saga, the main character wears a beautiful cross, articulated adorned in diamonds. A very on-trend look with this pendant and the chain. Can be worn by both men and women.

Very nice necklace for woman gold-colored or silver. A thin chain with a length of 45 centimetres supports 3 beautiful stars in relief. A padded discreet and chic at the same time. Available from 5 parts by color.

Very beautiful necklace with pendant hand of Fatma priced wholesaler for professionals. This necklace fancy hand of Fatima is available in two colors: Gold and silver. You can find a pretty turquoise in the middle of the palm. Includes the chain and the pendant in matching colour. A jewelry classic that sells well and that will satisfy your customers...

A gorgeous necklace available in two variations, colour, gold or silver. This necklace fantasy for woman will be the most beautiful effect in all situations. It has different channels of different diameters as well as 9 lovely leaves. See all of our jewelry in our category wholesaler costume jewelry on The finest jewelry at discount prices.

Pendant heart with chain. A necklace that is offered to prove his love or just to say I love you. Silver color.

Here is a beautiful necklace fantasy featuring a beautiful pendant in the shape of a bird's feather. The collar account no less than three chains with turquoise beads and small pendants, round. This necklace for women pendant is available in two colors, gold and silver. A very beautiful piece of jewelry to wear in any occasion.