Home shisha ceramic

Grand foyer, ceramic shisha with rounded bottom. Different colors available in stock-price wholesaler. Minimum of 10 pieces per order. Mix of colors in each shipment.

A good home cheap for all the shisha.

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Home silicone for shisha, different color available in stock. For large quantities please do not hesitate to contact us. A home of a very good quality to fit a heating system of the type kaloud lotus.

Lot of 10 home Amy Deluxe ceramic 9 cm tall in a mix of colors. Home ideal for the use of tobacco or of mineral stones type flamebox.

Beautiful home in silicone for chicha with tank-type tobacco vortex. This home for hookah can accommodate a heating system of the type kaloud. Different colors available in stock: Black, blue, red, green. No minimum order for this product to price wholesaler.

Home silicone phunnel for chicha with 6 slots to hold the tobacco. Allows the use of a heater system of the type kaloud. Silicone special degrading not with the heat. Several colours available in stock: black, blue, red, yellow. No minimum order for this product to price wholesaler.

Home ceramic Horus V2 of the French brand, Ramses. This home is perfect for use with grid Badcha or Brohood. The Horus is the perfect mix between a home Turkish very deep, and a fireplace saphire low depth. It will allow for long sessions and tasty. Manufactured in Spain by an artisan potter. Available in two colours, silver or blue.

Home ceramic the brand Aladin. A very good home for a preparation of aluminium with a flat bottom. Available in many colors, see the detail in the drop-down list. Back to the category wholesaler shisha.

Home for chicha in terracotta, with a height of 10cm and a diameter of 8cm. A home of quality, renowned for its performance. Manufactured in Spain.

Superb collection of homes ceramic brand dschinni. The homes measure between 10 and 11 inches and the head has a diameter of 8 centimeters. A home perfect for preparing alu. Wide choice of colours and models.