Chicha Bogota 2 Aladin

Chicha Bogota 2 of the trade mark Aladdin will appeal to smokers of hookahs the most demanding. The hookah comes complete with its vase, its column, his pipe, his clip has coal and its focus in ceramics. A very good shisha mid-range priced interesting.

Informations pour Chicha Bogota 2 Aladin

Unit price HT. Delivered in a box of cardboard reinforced in the colours of the brand. Height of 48cm.

Produits similaires sur grossiste

One of the shisha the most sold in France, the celeste Junior 2.0 model is a must for your shop. Its performance is no longer in question. This shisha celeste junior is available in many colors that you can select in the drop-down menu. The shisha is supplied complete in a box of cardboard of good quality with his pipe marrakech.

The shisha pumpkin is ideal for sale in different shops: tobacconist's, press, bazaar, food, etc. It is small in size and can be carry everywhere. Comes complete in a nice cardboard box. The public price ttc is located between a 14.9 and 19.9 euros. A good margin for a product ready to sell. Black color.

The mini mya is a reference in the world of chicha. This is one of the most portable thanks to its small size. It can be carried anywhere as it weighs only 1kg. We offer this product from 5-piece mix of colors.

Chicha QT is a classic from the German brand MYA. It is a model very appreciated in the store and by the smoking of hookahs. Chicha complete delivered in a pretty cardboard box for retail sale. Comes with hose, handle, home, clip-in coals.

Chicha from the German brand, MYA. The model Vento comes complete with a glass vase, its column and its vase in ceramic. The accessories are also included in the box: fireplace ceramic, pipe, sleeve, clamp...

Chicha of very good quality with a click and stop, which allows a very good hold of the column with the vase. The Hoodz Harlem is a hookah full at very competitive prices. A shisha that will appeal to the greatest number.